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Nancy Price PhD


Nancy's life has always been steeped in the arts. She began her professional career as an actress and director in Chicago and then in Milwaukee theatre. Since 1993, she has served the Milwaukee community through her work in Waldorf Education. She helped to found the Tamarack Waldorf Grade School in 1996 as its first administrator. After completing two consecutive eight-year cycles of grade school class teaching, she moved into the high school in 2014. She also spent 10 years teaching at and providing leadership to GLWI. 

While teaching at TWS and GLWI, Nancy completed a Master's degree studying Social Artistry, as well as a doctorate with special focus on student and teacher relationships (Warmth Sculpture). Nancy’s post doc research has led to a high school restorative discipline program, Working in Classroom Community Through the Art of Circle Conversation, and development of a unique Waldorf high school course on the Harlem Renaissance, as well as a Mindfulness course to help combat teenage anxiety and stress. 

Nancy is currently homeschooling her high school-aged daughter and running a small online business where she sells her original floral art at She and her husband John have 5 adult children and are beginning to collect grandchildren!

Nancy Price PhD
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