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Paulette Arnold


Paulette was born and raised in Illinois and graduated from Knox College in 1980 with a BA in Modern Languages, French, and German.

At age 30, her dream of living in Wisconsin came true when she moved with her family to Marinette. For many years she has shuffled between her home there and her anthroposophic home in Chicago.

In 2005 she graduated from Arcturus Waldorf Teacher Training. She then worked as a grades assistant at Chicago Waldorf School, taught "The Changing Image of the Child" for nine years at Arcturus, and served on Arcturus' Board of Trustees. In 2016 she completed the Biography and Social Art training created by Singe Schaefer and has offered biography work and social art in various settings.

She loves books and reading and currently serves as the librarian of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch Library, a collection of over 5000 anthroposophic and spiritual scientific works.

Paulette Arnold
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