Iztel Salazar

Early Childhood

Itzel was born and raised near Mexico City, where she graduated from the Universidad del valle de Mexico with a degree in Biomedical Science. She is currently lead kindergarten teacher at the Madison Waldorf School and also serves on their board of directors. Previously, she helped develop and served as lead teacher of the forest kindergarten at the Waldorf School of the Roaring Fork in Colorado. Itzel has trained extensively in puppetry with Susanne Down and has also worked with Michaela Glöckler, Joan Almon, Sharifa Oppenheimer, Michael D’Aleo, Bente Goldstein, Dr. Michael Lipson, Jack Petrash, and Nancy Mellon. Early in her career, Itzel spent three years in India where she studied Tibetan language and Buddist philosophy. She received her early childhood certifications from Great Lakes Waldorf Institute and LifeWays Milwaukee and did

her practicum with Helle Heckmann in Denmark.


Itzel enjoys spending time in nature, skiing in the mountains, traveling around the world, and loves music and dancing. The ocean is her favorite place.