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Leslie Woolverton has been a Waldorf Early Childhood Educator for 17 years. She has primarily taught two programs at Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten & Nursery School, the Parent/Child Class for 17 years, and The Three Day Nursery Class for 13 years.  She has also taught the mixed-age kindergarten class in summers. 


Leslie has been a certified Waldorf Educator since 2014, completing her training at Sunbridge Institute. She is currently an active committee member of the WECAN IDEA Group, the WECAN EC Research Group, and since the fall has been mentoring a new teacher trainee at Sunbridge Institute. This summer, she will also teach a summer intensive titled Developing Circles and Stories in the Light of Diversity and

Early Childhood

Leslie Woolverton

Inclusion at the Sound Circle Center alongside Holly Koteen Soule & Somer Serpe.

In the classroom, she enjoys plant dying, handwork of all kinds, puppetry, singing, purposeful work, and creating healing stories for children and parents. Leslie will be pursuing her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as teaching at Silver Spring Day School as a Three Day Nursery Teacher in the upcoming year.


Leslie is a true Washingtonian and has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland for more than twenty years. She is the proud mother of one son,  who is now attending Vassar College, and two grown stepchildren, both married. Leslie is also an interior designer and an artist. She is currently working on a novel on American folk/fairytales and the history of oral storytelling in America.