Summer Intensive 2022

July 5 - July 22, 2022

Weeks 1&2: Virtual

Week 3: In person. Location: Milwaukee, WI (exact location TBA)* 


Classes require full-time immersion, both virtually and in person, with 8+ hours of active learning every Monday through Friday. 

*Students are responsible for procuring and paying for their own travel and lodging. Please direct any questions to

Kira Chard at

The GLWI faculty is committed to equitable options. We have received requests for participating virtually during week three of the intensive due to hardship and/or family circumstances. We are reviewing these requests on a case-by-case basis. The in-person week is designed for in-person participation; it is not a hybrid offering, per se. However, we will have cameras and Zoom links in place and will do our best to create a meaningful experience for anyone who is participating virtually. 

Course Descriptions:

Both Cohorts (EC and Grades)

EDU 641 Child Development and Child Study

2 credits

Topics include child development and the twelve senses as they apply to the stages of development, from early movement to more sophisticated operations in brain integration. Teaching strategies that accommodate educational support and assessment will also be covered.

Instructors: Simone Shurney, Mary Ruud, Carole Hanlein

Cost: $970 ($485/credit)**

EDU 643 Artistic Work in the Waldorf School III

2 credits

Topics include deepening hands-on experience with modeling in anatomy and embryology, as well as doll making; plant dyeing; calligraphy; and artistic work in the study of botany, human and animal; anatomy and physiology; embryology; and human fertility.

Instructors: Michael Gannon, Dawn Vankley-Imes, Simone Shurney, Michael Imes, Monika Sutherland

Cost: $970 ($485/credit)

Early Childhood Track

EDU 647 Early Childhood: Deepening Work in Kindergarten & Preparing Children for First Grade

2 credits

Topics include sensory integration; classic signs of sensory integration dysfunction and over-stimulation of the senses; reflex maturation, assessment and incorporation; motor proficiency and developmental profiles of the young child; and useful examples of movements to remediate. Practical and artistic work will include singing, Circle Time’s movement to song and verse, painting, and hands-on work.

Instructors: Lynn Turner, Dawn Vankley-Imes, Carole Hanlein

Cost: $970 ($485/credit)


Grades 1-8 Track

EDU 642 Teaching Science in the Waldorf School

2 credits

An overview of the Waldorf science and nature curriculum, grades 1-8.  Participants will experience hands-on work in geology, light, acoustics, electricity, magnetism, simple machines, gravity, and motion. 

Instructors: Michael Gannon, Simone Shurney

Cost: $970 ($485/credit)

Registration deadline: June 24, 2022

**Cost of courses excludes administrative fees and supplies. Listed costs refer to Certificate Program only; there are added costs for Master's Degree students. We recognize that education can be expensive, and want to do everything we can to support our students. Financial aid and scholarships are available. Updated program tuition charts can be found here.

In order to register for our Summer Intensive, you must already have applied and been accepted into the GLWI program. If you have not already done so, please go to our admissions page to learn how to apply. If you wish to take a course from our program a la carte, see here. Further questions regarding admission and registration can be sent to our Admissions Coordinator, Kira Chard, at

If you would like to learn more about Waldorf teaching, teacher education at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, or our application process, we invite you to fill out our Inquiry Formsign up for a meeting with our Director of Teacher Education, Monika Sutherland; or email or call Kira Chard, our admissions coordinator, at or

(414) 299-3820.

Course Faculty


Simone Shurney MSEd

Grades 1-8 Lead Instructor


Monika Sutherland MMus



Michael Gannon MEd

Grades 1-8 Lead Instructor


Mary Ruud MLS



Lynn Turner MA

Early Childhood Lead Instructor


Dawn Vankley-Imes

Handwork and Practical Arts


Carole Hanlein MS

Educational Support Specialist


Michael Imes

Fine Arts

At Great Lakes Waldorf Institute we are committed to serving and being a diverse, inclusive community. We are striving collectively to ensure the continued growth and development of our curriculum and program offerings to reflect these values. As we deepen our own relationship to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we ask for your honest feedback and perspective, understanding that we wish to widen our lens and that this work is, and will always be, in process. If anything arises for you regarding our efforts, please contact Monika Sutherland, Amber Chavez, or any of your course instructors.