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Carole Hanlein MS


Carole Hanlein has been involved in Waldorf Education since the 1970s, when she attended Emerson College in Sussex England. She is trained as a class teacher, early childhood teacher, Eurythmist, and Extra Lesson teacher. She has worked in these capacities in several schools in the US, as well as homeschooling her three sons for many years in Nepal and Northern Pakistan.  

After completing an M.S. in Waldorf Remedial Education in 2006, she worked as an independent Educational Support Teacher in the Midwest until 2012. Then she began working as Educational Support Director at Shining Mountain Waldorf School, where she was engaged in building up the Educational Support Program and working with the Extra Lesson to support students with academic or developmental challenges. Carole is also an Orton Gillingham Reading tutor and has worked to incorporate OG methods holistically into Waldorf Pedagogy for small groups, individuals, and into the curriculum in collaboration with class teachers.  

From 2018 to 2021, she worked as Educational Support Director and Remedial Support teacher at the Asheville Waldorf School, where she was engaged in developing their Educational Support Program, as well as supporting needs of classes and individual students with screenings, reading assessments, extra lesson movement activities, and remedial reading groups. 

Carole currently works independently with children doing extra lesson therapeutic work and remedial reading. She is passionate about the possibilities inherent in Waldorf movement therapies such as extra lesson and therapeutic eurythmy, as well as feeling a strong need for monitoring and supporting students' academic progress while keeping true to the developmental model behind Waldorf Education.

Carole Hanlein MS
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