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Michael Gannon MEd

Core Faculty

Summer 2024 Instructor

Michael Gannon encountered Waldorf education 19 years ago when he began working with his first class. Learning to lead that group of students, he began building an understanding of the anthroposophical picture of the developing human being and ways of weaving an interdisciplinary experience of the curriculum. Now, with his third class of students, he is continually impressed by the ways a living study can allow new insights into the needs of specific individuals. Forming routine, rhythm, imagination and curated experience to support daily work with his classes, he has seen these practices foster a life-long love of learning in students.

In addition to working with grades classes, Michael works with adults through evaluation and mentoring at other schools and leading professional development workshops. In these contexts, he explores the contemporary manifestations of long-standing Waldorf indications, seeking the wisdom in traditions and weaving them into new forms that respect the needs of our time. He hopes to encourage an active interest in the world, practices of self-reflection and improvement, and consciousness of the depth of our work.

Michael lives with his wife, Julie, in Akron, Ohio, where they both teach at Spring Garden Waldorf School and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Michael Gannon MEd
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