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Certificate Completion Track

Your Classroom Experience Should Count

While training is important, we at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI) want to honor and acknowledge your years of classroom teaching experience in a Waldorf school as well as any training you may have already completed as we help you work toward your Waldorf Teaching Certificate of Completion. We offer a Certificate Completion Program (CCP) for active teachers with a minimum of 6 consecutive years of lead teaching in a Waldorf school, without a formal Waldorf training credential, who wish to earn an AWSNA affiliated certificate of completion.

Individualized Program

The nature of this program is extremely individualized and will vary from teacher to teacher depending on previous experience and training. In order to learn how the program can be individualized for you, please set up a meeting with our Director of Teacher Education, Monika Sutherland, to discuss any credits you may have earned through another training institute, as well as an evaluation of prior teaching experience. Previous teaching experience in a Waldorf school, as well as prior teacher training courses, could make you eligible for a revised course of study with Great Lakes, including possible student teaching exemptions and/or credit for courses already taken.


Once you meet with our Director of Teacher Education, we will be able to recommend a specific course of study designed to support you as you move toward completion of your certificate. In a conversation with the Director, you will be able to discuss and finalize course selection and gain clarification about how our program will not only draw from, but also enhance, your classroom practice and experiences.

To ensure success and accessibility for all participants, GLWI instructors and staff are committed to providing accommodations to the fullest extent possible. We are committed to supporting and accommodating individual needs and working in tandem with our students for successful outcomes.

In addition, our partner school, Mount Mary University, offers these accessibility services.

If you would like to learn more about Waldorf teaching, teacher education at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, or our application process, we invite you to fill out our Inquiry Formsign up for a meeting with our Director of Teacher Education, Monika Sutherland; or email or call Kira Chard, our admissions coordinator, at or

(414) 299-3820.

Non-Discrimination Statement: Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, Inc., encourages broad public support and participation in its management and activities, and shall not discriminate in any manner whatsoever against any person on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or mental or physical handicap or disability in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and any other programs. We are committed to reflecting the diversity of our society and creating space for historically excluded and underrepresented groups to participate in all aspects of the corporation's management and activities.

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