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Grades 1-8 Teacher Education

Director: Monika Sutherland

The Grades 1-8 Teacher Certification at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute is a three-year part-time program focusing on philosophical, practical, and artistic training for class teachers in grades 1-8. The program consists of three sessions each year: a summer intensive in July, and fall and spring courses with additional fieldwork, practicum, and final research project. 

Graduates of this 450+ hour program receive a Waldorf Grades Teaching Certificate recognized by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (ASWNA).

Curriculum and course content include a balance of the following areas:

  • Child development and Waldorf education

  • Waldorf philosophy and human development

  • Contemplative work 

  • Artistic activities for the classroom and for the educator

  • Professional and social aspects of Waldorf education

  • Fieldwork - observation, mentored teaching, practicum or internship in well-established Waldorf early childhood setting

  • Practicum and final project

This program enrolls in throughout the year to begin in July, September, or February.

Coursework Overview

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Three Year Schedule
In-person location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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