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Grades 1-8 Teacher Education

Program Director: Monika Sutherland, MMus

The Grades 1-8 Teacher Certificate Program at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute is a three-year part-time program focusing on philosophical, practical, and artistic training for class teachers in grades 1-8. The program consists of three sessions each year: a summer intensive in July, and fall and spring courses with additional fieldwork, practicum, and final research project. 

Graduates of this 550+ hour program receive a Waldorf Grades Teaching Certificate recognized by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA).

Curriculum and course content include a balance of the following areas:

  • Child development and Waldorf education

  • Waldorf philosophy and human development

  • Waldorf curriculum for grades 1-8

  • Contemplative work 

  • Artistic activities for the classroom and for the educator

  • Professional and social aspects of Waldorf education

  • Fieldwork - observation, mentored teaching, practicum in well-established Waldorf school

  • Capstone project

Learn more about our program format, including dates and virtual and in-person* requirements.

*To ensure success and accessibility for all participants, GLWI instructors and staff are committed to providing accommodations to the fullest extent possible. We are committed to supporting and accommodating individual needs and working in tandem with our students for successful outcomes.

In addition, our partner school, Mount Mary University, offers these accessibility services.

This program enrolls in throughout the year to begin in July, September, or February.

If you would like to learn more about Waldorf teaching, teacher education at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, or our application process, we invite you to fill out our Inquiry Formsign up for a meeting with our Director of Teacher Education, Monika Sutherland; or email or call Kira Chard, our admissions coordinator, at or

(414) 299-3820.

Coursework Overview

You can find detailed descriptions of our program courses here.

Required Independent Study Courses

Find out more and register for Independent Study courses here.

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