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GLWI Diversity Scholarship

At Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, we seek to be active agents of change. We recognize that some of the practices in Waldorf education have aligned with white privilege and have created inequities which we are working to eliminate.  


It is the intention of GLWI to have a program that recognizes and honors the rich cultural diversity of our world. The GLWI Diversity Scholarship was created to encourage and support non-white students who wish to participate in our certificate programs. Currently the diversity scholarship is geared to assist qualified candidates in paying a portion of their tuition. Available money is determined by donations and budget. As this is a new program, the funds are modest and hope to be more in the future.

A qualified candidate for the GLWI Diversity Scholarship must be:

  • of American Indians or Native Americans, First Nations, Native Alaskans or Alaska Natives, Black or African American, African or Caribbean Descent, East Asian, Latino/a/x,  South Asian, Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander

  • accepted into the GLWI Early Childhood or Grades 1-8 Teacher Education Certificate Program
    here for details on applying to the GLWI teacher education program.

How Do I Apply?

Complete this online application

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Scholarship Testimonial


Milexis Torres:

I have no words to express my gratitude to Great Lakes Waldorf Institute for awarding me the Diversity Scholarship that opened the doors of EC Waldorf Training into my professional and personal development. In two years of training now, I have expanded my vision and mission as a teacher in so many ways. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing group of teachers, instructors, speakers, and cohort friends. From the moment I entered the program, I felt included, welcomed, accepted, and seen for what I have to bring. I am from Cuba, English is not my first language, and entering into a training of this magnitude was frightening in many ways, but the open hearts that received me helped develop my confidence and my fears vanished, even when it was "too much," I received a comforting answer and accommodation to follow through. So thank you so much Great Lakes, for your professionalism, your deep desire to re-envision your program, bring authenticity to the Waldorf movement, and be a pioneer in this wonderful deed to be more inclusive and diverse. Thank you for your effort in providing ways for people like me that are passionate to transform themselves and bring their best to children in their care and build community. "When you reach for your dreams your Soul dances." Thank You.

scholaship testimonial
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