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 "Anyone searching for dynamic instruction, pertinent readings, thought-provoking discussions, inspiring colleagues, and breathtaking music, eurythmy, and  art should enroll immediately at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI).  The education is a beautiful blend of practical and theoretical.  The program possesses a diverse, inclusive view with a sincere interest to explore and honor Waldorf education and today's child.  Thank you GLWI!"

- Lesley Rubenstein

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Great Lakes courses I have taken. The teachers are kind and thoughtful and guide you beautifully into an understanding of Waldorf education. The space is welcoming and the fellowship engenders enthusiasm and excitement!"

 - Faiza Hashim, class of 2023

"The Waldorf teacher training program at Great Lakes has planted a new seed within me to be my highest self and worthy of imitation. Through my work, I am utilizing the tools Rudolph Steiner left and I am becoming  the best version of myself as a human being. I am so grateful to the many teachers, staff and mentors at Great Lakes who guide me on my journey."

"My training at GLWI has been eminently practical.  Often I take what I've learned at Great Lakes and I can immediately apply those new concepts and capacities in my classroom."

"Great Lakes has made me a more well-rounded teacher.  The breadth of the training in math, music, art, writing and history has helped me feel confidant that I can teach any subject well."

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