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Mary Ruud MLS

Inner Development & Eurythmy

Core Faculty

Mary Ruud has taught eurythmy to children and adults for over 25 years, including 12 years at the Urban Waldorf School, and works as a therapeutic eurythmist. She has degrees in Eurythmy from Spring Valley Eurythmy School and the Eurythmy School in Nurnberg, Germany, and a Masters in Liberal Studies from the 21st Century Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin.

As an adult educator, Mary teaches for Great Lakes Waldorf Insitute, the LifeWays North America Early Childhood Training, and the Waldorf program at the Kentahnten Teacher Training program in Louisville, Kentucky and Arcturus Teacher Training in Chicago.  She received her Masters in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on ecology and earth healing in 2005.

Mary has adult grandchildren in the military and in social work. She is a certified Therapeutic Horsemanship instructor.

Mary Ruud MLS
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