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Tai Amri Spann-Ryan

T4BL Co-Coordinator

Tai Amri’s interest in Waldorf education was inspired by his love for growing the foods of his ancestral lineage. Living on a half acre in Lawrence, Kansas, he and his wife went through a Biodynamic Farming Foundation Year where he discovered that there was alignment between the philosophies of the African Wisdom Tradition of Ifa that he is a part of and in his vocation as an educator. Tai Amri has worked in Quaker schools in his hometown of Philadelphia and public schools in Kansas and the East Bay, where he attended seminary. Watching his daughters attend Prairie Moon Waldorf School has shown him how powerful Waldorf pedagogy can be and also how much opportunity there is for understanding how race, class, and gender can be applied in the classroom. Tai Amri looks forward to working with Waldorf schools in applying his knowledge of pedagogy he received during his MSE in Curriculum & Design from the  University of Kansas, so that Waldorf schools can better serve the needs  of all students and families.

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