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Organization: Great Lakes Waldorf Institute

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Position can be fulfilled remotely with periodic visits to Milwaukee. 

Application Deadline: September 30, 2023

The Great Lakes Waldorf Institute is seeking a dynamic and visionary Teacher Education Program Coordinator to lead our implementation of the AWSNA RTPP Blended Waldorf Teacher Education Program.  The Great Lakes Waldorf Institute is working with AWSNA to develop a new approach to Waldorf Teacher Education that is low residency and facilitates the participation of in-service Waldorf teachers from around the continent. The Great Lakes Waldorf Institute is committed to cultivating educators who are passionate about holistic learning and nurturing the individual growth of each student. This leadership role offers the opportunity to shape the future of Waldorf education and contribute to the development of compassionate, creative, and capable teachers.



  • Oversee the overall administration and strategic direction of the Teacher Education Program.

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with Waldorf principles and prepares educators for classroom excellence.

  • Lead a team of dedicated instructors, providing guidance, mentorship, and professional development opportunities.

  • Maintain standards and ensure program compliance with relevant educational regulations.

  • Manage outreach and enrollment in the Teacher Education Program.

  • Manage the Financial work of the Teacher Education Program including the budgeting and oversight of tuition collection and faculty salary. 

  • Manage the Personnel work of the Teacher Education Program including the hiring, evaluation and oversight of faculty. 

  • Foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages growth and self-discovery among program participants.

  • Coordinate the study of the modes of teacher education classes to gain insight into successful ways of supporting developing Waldorf Teachers.


  • Waldorf Teacher Education Certificate and bachelor’s degree

  • Prefer: master’s or Ph.D. in Education 

  • Extensive experience in Waldorf education, with a deep understanding of Rudolf Steiner's pedagogical philosophy.

  • Proven leadership and management skills, including program development and staff supervision.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication abilities, with a passion for inspiring and motivating others.

  • Experience in curriculum design, assessment, and educational research.

  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within an educational setting.


This position is primarily a remote position, where the candidate can work from home, from anywhere in North America.  There will be summer weeks where residency with the students is necessary. 

To Apply: Interested candidates are invited to submit a cover letter, resume, and a statement of educational philosophy to Please include "Teacher Education Program Coordinator Application" in the subject line.


Application deadline is September 30, 2023

Join us in shaping the next generation of Waldorf educators and making a lasting impact on the lives of students. Great Lakes Waldorf Institute is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive educational community.

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Teacher Education Program Coordinator

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