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Great Lakes Waldorf Institute is an independent, not-for-profit adult learning institution offering Waldorf teacher education and professional development, as well as general interest courses and workshops on Waldorf Education and the arts.


At Great Lakes, the faculty and board are actively engaged in learning about the broader impacts of systemic racism. We believe that Waldorf education, with its commitment to social renewal, can work to make deep and lasting change in our teachers, our schools, and our communities.

What Students Think

 Anyone searching for dynamic instruction, pertinent readings, thought-provoking discussions, inspiring colleagues, and breathtaking music, eurythmy, and  art should enroll immediately at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI).  The education is a beautiful blend of practical and theoretical.  The program possesses a diverse, inclusive view with a sincere interest to explore and honor Waldorf education and today's child.  Thank you GLWI.

The Waldorf teacher training program at Great Lakes has planted a new seed within me to be my highest self and worthy of imitation. Through my work, I am utilizing the tools Rudolph Steiner left and I am becoming  the best version of myself as a human being. I am so grateful to the many teachers, staff and mentors at Great Lakes who guide me on my journey.

Great Lakes has made me a more well-rounded teacher.  The breadth of the training in math, music, art, writing and history has helped me feel confidant that I can teach any subject well.

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